Andrology Services

Andrology is the medical specialty that focuses on the male reproductive system and urological problems that are unique to men. The Andrology Laboratory at NW Cryobank specializes in male fertility tests and sperm preparation for artificial insemination and cryopreservation. Please note that a referral from your physician is required for all andrology services. This section provides a high-level overview of the andrology services we provide:

Complete Semen Analysis

Performed to assess the characteristics of a semen specimen. It is recommended to abstain from an ejaculate for approximately 2-4 days prior to having semen analysis. Analysis parameters include: sperm count, motility, volume, liquefaction, pH, sperm forward progression, round cells, agglutination and morphology using Kruger’s strict method.

Kruger Morphology

Kruger morphology is a detailed evaluation of the shape of the sperm. The sperm is stained with a special stain and examined microscopically under high power magnification. The sperm must meet a stringent set of criteria that evaluates the shape and size of the head, mid-piece, and tail in order to be considered normal.

Premium Density Gradient Wash

Sperm cells are separated from the raw ejaculate and prepared so that they may be placed directly into the uterus by your professional health care provider without further processing. This method uses density gradient centrifugation to isolate and purify the motile sperm in order to obtain a sperm sample with a motility of at least 90% (depending on the initial quality of the sample). Different concentrations of gradient are layered in a test tube in an ascending order of density (heaviest layer at the bottom). When a semen sample is placed upon the upper-most gradient layer and centrifuged, any debris, round cells, clumps, non-motile and poor quality sperm remain in the top layers. The majority of the sperm that are able to get through to the bottom layer are motile sperm that are then concentrated for use in artificial insemination. This procedure takes 1 hour.

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