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Known (Directed) Donor Fees
Steps Process Cost
Step 1:Consultation & Administration$150
Semen Analysis & Test Freeze$200
Step 2*Medical Physical Exam$150
Infectious Disease Testing$420
CBC, CMP, UA, and ABO/Rh$60
Genetic Screening$350
*All steps happen on same visit
Step 3:Genetic Counselor Appointment$150
Step 4:Additional Specimen Cryopreservation$500/collection
Step 5:Quarantine Period/Storage$50/month or $385/year
Step 6:Final blood draw$420
Step 7:Release of vials$400
Step 8:Vial ShipmentPricing Page
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Please be advised that new prices go into effect in 2021, so lock in current rates and purchase before the end of 2020. Due to COVID-19 our shipping partners are experiencing slower transit times and we are currently unable to process same-day shipments.View Donors