Using a Donor You Know?

A Directed Donor, also referred to as “Known Donor”, is a sperm donor who is known to the recipient, however, is not a sexually intimate partner. This type of donor requires a similar screening process to that required of an anonymous donor. NW Cryobank can complete this screening process for your donor.

To arrange an initial consultation or for more information, please contact us at: 800-786-5251.

How It Works

Our program facilitates the processing and screening of the directed donor in compliance with guidelines and regulations set forth by various governmental agencies and professional organizations. Please review the program details as outlined below.

Zika Travel Advisory Notice: Please note the directed donor will be queried on his and his sexual partner(s) recent travel during his screening. If the directed donor and/or sexual partner(s) visited locations impacted by Zika, as identified on the CDC website, he will be deferred for 6 months due to regulatory guidelines. You may contact NWC for more information.

In addition, NWC recommends that all parties involved with the Directed Donor Program seek psychological and legal counseling prior to beginning this process, but we are not responsible for providing or coordinating these services.

Directed “Known” Donor Program Steps:

Step 1: Consultation, Semen Analysis and Test Freeze

The Directed Donor and the recipient (if available) will have a consultation with an NWC coordinator. The recipient’s partner (if applicable) may also participate in the consultation. The donor’s consultation is performed in-person and the donor will be asked to complete the initial paperwork at this time. A semen analysis and test freeze are performed to assess the donor’s specimen quality; this specimen is not stored. This enables clients, in consultation with their physician, to determine whether or not to proceed with their donor, and how many donation visits the directed donor may need and if the processing method they desire is suitable.

Step 2: Physical Examination, Initial Blood Test, Genetic Screening and First Retained Semen Specimen

  • The donor is scheduled for a physical examination appointment with NWC’s affiliated physician. The physical examination must be performed 7 days prior to or on the day that the first semen specimen is collected for the recipient.
  • The initial blood draw for general health and infectious disease testing is performed on the same day the donor provides the first semen specimen for storage. Additional semen specimen collection appointments are scheduled as needed.
  • A blood sample is obtained during this appointment for the donor’s genetic screening. An Expanded Carrier Screen (ECS) through Sema4 is performed. This comprehensive panel screens for 280+ inherited genetic conditions including cystic fibrosis and spinal muscular atrophy. Approximately 65% of individuals screened using the ECS panel will screen positive as a carrier for one or more inherited conditions. PLEASE NOTE: If the directed donor has any positive test results, genetic screening of the female partner is usually recommended. The recipient is responsible for obtaining this screening from their healthcare provider.

*If recipients are utilizing an egg donor, genetic screening may have already been performed and screening of the gestational carrier might not be necessary. NWC recommends following up with the recipient’s physician for guidance.

Step 3: Genetic Evaluation

The donor is required to have a family medical history evaluation with a genetic counselor. This is conducted over the phone. The recipient’s physician is informed of the findings and any risks identified in the donor’s family history and is responsible for discussing the implications with the intended parent. NWC recommends that the recipient also meets with a genetic counselor for evaluation of her own family medical history.

Step 4: Additional Specimen Collection(s)

The donor may collect additional semen specimens by appointment as recommended by the referring physician. Specimens are stored at our facility for future use. The total number of vials collected is based upon the recommendations of the referring physician and should consider the number of children desired.

Step 5: Quarantine Period

The standard quarantine period for semen specimens is six months prior to the release of vials. The quarantine period begins the date of the directed donor’s last donation. If the referring physician authorizes a shorter quarantine period, the physician must indicate this in the NWC Directed Donor Program Registration Packet. An infectious disease testing panel will be performed at every donation for semen specimens quarantined at a shorter period.

Step 6: Final Blood Draw and Eligibility Review

Following the quarantine period, the donor must complete a final blood draw prior to the release of specimens. The recipient is given an approximate date for vial release at that time. It takes approximately one month to receive the vials after the final blood draw is performed. NWC cannot guarantee that the specimens will be released on a specific date or become available at all if they do not meet regulatory requirements or if NWC’s Medical Director does not approve the release of a donor’s vials. This can occur, for example, if the donor has a positive infectious disease test result.

Step 7: Release of Vials

An NWC coordinator will contact the recipient when the vials become available for release. Please contact NWC at least five business days prior to the desired date of shipment.

Directed Donor Re-Entry Process

If your donor needs to return to collect more vials, he can re-enter the program. During a re-entry, the donor will go through the eligibility process again. A new physical examination and laboratory testing panel are required. Our Medical Director will determine eligibility based on these new results. After the vials remain in quarantine for 6 months, the donor completes a final blood draw for infectious diseases. Fees are collected for physical exam, laboratory testing and administration.

We strongly recommend collecting as many semen samples as possible during the initial qualification process to avoid the time and extra expenses associated with re-entry.

Directed Donor Program Pricing

The donor can discontinue the program at any time and should provide notice in writing to NW Cryobank. If the donor does not complete the screening process, fees will not be reimbursed by NW Cryobank. In addition, regardless of which party pays for the services, the donor can withdraw his permission for use of semen at any time.

Pricing Details