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Doctor Search Results

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Feminist Women's Health Care
Atlanta, GA (404)728-7900
Abdallah, Maher
Pacific Reproductive Center
Irvine, CA (949)341-0100
Adams, Ann
South Portland, Maine (207)774-5816
Adams, Chris
One Sky Family Medicien
Seattle, WA (206)363-5555
Aeby, T.
Hawaii Pacific Health
Honolulu, HI (808)983-6000
Agnew, Richard
Newport Beach, CA (949)650-3777
Ahmed, Mary
East Cascade Women's Group
Bend, OR (541)389-3300
Akerman, Fernando, MD
Fertility & IVF Center of Miami
Miami, FL (305)596-4013
Akin, James
Bluegrass Fertility Center
Lexington, KY (859)260-1515
Algenio, Rachel
Kaiser Permanente
Clackamus, OR (503)652-2882
Allen, Edward
Dignity Health
Bakersfield, CA (661)326-0333
Alqulali, Mona
Womans Health Services
Clinton, IA (563)242-9992
Amato, Paula
Portland, OR (503)494-8311
Amols, Mark
1760 E. Pecos Road #532
Gilbert, AZ (480)351-8222
Andrews, Janette
Rockwood Clinic
Spokane, WA (509)838-2531
Andrews, Sarah
Great Care OB GYN
Houston, TX (713)464-2100
Arnold, Michael
Jefferson OB/GYN
Charlottesville, VA (434)977-4488
Audet, Guy
Plassavant Area Hospital
Jacksonville, IL (217)243-5584
Austin, Douglas
Woman's Care Obstetrics and Gynecology
Eugene, OR (541)868-9755
Ayyagari, Ramchandra
Fertility Medical Center
Bakersfield, CA (661)323-3266
Babayev, Samir
1801 Inwood Road, Suite 616
Dallas, TX (214)645-3858
Bagnell, Kelly
Providence health and Services
Polson, MT (406)883-8250
Bailey, Sandra
Great Falls OB GYN Associates
Great Falls, MT (406)761-7924
Bair, Donald
Womens' Health Care Associates
Portland, OR (503)734-3700
Baker, Jeff
Rosemark Woman Care Specialists
Idaho Falls, ID (208)557-2900
Baker, Leigh
Osteopathic Manipulation
Yarmouth, ME (207)846-7666 us.html
Bankowski, Brandon, MD
Oregon Reproductive Health
Portland, OR (503)274-4994
Barnett, Brian
Dallas IVF
Plano, TX (469)429-2640
Barry, Brenda
Women Care, Inc
Orlando, FL (407)898-1500
Barton, Richard
Bozeman Deaconess
Bozeman, MT (406)414-5000
Batemen, Bruce
Reproductive Medicine and Surgery Center of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA (434)654-8520
Beach, Randall
Alpine Women's Center
Whitefish, MT (406)862-6436
Beller, Byrke
Pacific Womens Center
Eugene, OR (541)284-5520
Beltsos, Angeline
Fertility Centers
Chicago, IL (877)324-4483
Benadiva, Claudio
University of Conneticut Health Center
Farmington, CT (844)467-3483
Benda, Gabor
Bozeman Clinic
Bozeman, MT (406)587-4242
Beshay, Victor, MD
Center for Fertility & IVF
Allen, TX (469)854-0305
Betz, Robert
Walla Walla, WA (506)527-8153
Beyerlein, Richard
Pacific Women's Center
Eugene, OR (541)284-5520
Bigler, Charles Robert
Valley Women's Healthcare Clinic
Auburn, WA (253)939-9654
Bigsby, Geneen
Valley Medical Center
Lewiston, ID (208)743-1383
Bihrle, David
Marshfield Clinic
Rice Lake, WI (715)236-8404
Bishop, Terri
2101 Northside Drive Unit 301
Panama City, FL (850)747-1600
Blauer, Keith
Reproductive Care Center
Sandy, UT (801)878-8888
Bledsoe, Maya
Austin Regional Clinic
Austin, TX (512)338-8181
Blohm, Patrick
The Georgia Center for Reproductive Medicine
Savannah, GA (912)352-8588 http://www.gcrmsav.cim/index.php
Bohler, Henry
401 E. Chestnut Street Suite 400
Louisville, KY (502)588-7669
Bopp, Bradford
Midwest Fertility
Carmel, IN (317)571-1637
Bopp, Bradford
IVF/Repro Center
Fort Wayne, IN (260)490-3456
Bowling, Meghan
2601 Lake Drive Suite 301
Raleigh, NC (919)782-5911
Boyd, Stacy
University Women's Services
Chattanooga, TN (423)756-4796
Bozicevich, Roxie
Women's Health Consultants
Minneapolis, MN (612)333-4822
Braak, Beverly
Women's Choice of Missoula
Missoula, MT (406)327-3875
Bradford, David
Mid-Valley Medical Group
Omak, WA (509)826-1600
Bradford, Tyler
Bozeman Healthcare
Bozeman, MT (406)414-5000
Branigan, Emmett
Bellingham IVF
Bellingham, WA (800)860-3967
Brasch, James
Providence Health & Services
Spokane, WA (509)484-1236
Breeden, Matthew
Rocky Mountain Women's Care
Denver, CO (303)861-4914
Briggs, Stephen
OBGYN Services
Norwich, CT (860)886-2461
Brinkman, Judith
Colorado Springs Health Partners
Colorado Springs, CO (719)522-1135
Brown, Samuel
Brown Fertility Conceiving Miracles
Orlando, FL (407)244-5515
Burke, Timothy
Community Medical Center
Missoula, MT (406)721-9999
Burwinkle, Thomas
3805 Edwards Rd #450
Cincinnati, OH (513)924-5550
Butler, Maurice
Columbia Fertility Associates
Washington , DC (202)293-6567
Bylund, Erik
North Cascade Family Physicians
Mount Vernon, WA (360)428-1700
Campbell, Bruce
Center for Reproductive Medicine & Advanced Reproductive Technologies
Minneapolis, MN (612)863-5390
Caperton, Lee
6500 Jefferson St NE, Suite 250
Albuquerque, NM (505)702-8020
Card, Amy
The Corvallis Clinic
Corvallis, OR (541)754-1150
Carlson, Dirk
St. Luke's
Boise, ID (208)343-7501
Cassels, John Jr.
School of Medicine University of Missouri Health
Columbia, MO (573)817-3101
Castelbaum, Arthur
RMA of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA (215)922-1556
Chandler, Craig
Freeman Health
Joplin, MO (417)347-8660
Chang, Aimee
3303 SW Bond Ave CH10F
Portland, OR (503)292-7734
Channell, Lori
Associated Valley Obstetrics & Gynecology
Renton, WA (425)656-2496
Check, Jerome
Cooper Institute for Reproductive Hormonal Disorders, PC
My. Laurel, NJ (856)751-5575
Chilvers, Rebecca
5757 Warren Parkway Ste. 300
Frisco, TX (214)618-2044
Chisdak, Jamie
Bozeman Health Women's Specialists Clinic
Bozeman, MT (406)414-5150
Chow, Gregory
Madigan Army Medical Center
Tacoma, WA (253)968-1406
Clark, Christopher
East Cascade Women's Group
Bend, OR (541)389-3300
Collins, Lydia
Cascade Women's Health, PC
Portland, OR (503)274-9936
Cooper, Amber
6 Bronze Point S
Swansea, IL (618)509-5523
Cooper, Brian
1371 NW 121st Street
Clive, IA (515)222-3060
Corning, Wendy
Bloomington, IN (812)330-5250
Couchman, Grace
Carolina Conceptions
Raleigh, NC (919)782-5911
Craig, Randall
Fertility Treatment Center
Tempe, AZ (480)831-2445
Crain, Jack
1524 E. Morehead Street
Charlotte, NC (704)343-7015
Crain, Jack L.
1524 E. Morehead Street
Charlotte, NC (704)343-3400
Curtis, Kyle
320 W. 10th Avenue
Kennewick, WA (509)221-5910
Curtis, Michelle
The Corvallis Clinic
Corvallis, OR (541)754-1150
Cutting, Jon
Health Care for Women
Coeur D'Alene, ID (208)765-1455
Dabney, Lewis
Lynchburg Gynecology
Lynchburg, VA (434)385-7818
Dalisky, Dennis
Silverton Health
Silverton, OR (503)873-8853
Daneshmand, Said
The Fertility Center of Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV (702)254-1777
Dawson, Erin
Coastal Women's Healthcare
Scarborough, ME (207)885-8400
De La Torre, Sarah
Seattle OBGYN
Seattle, WA (206)682-5800
Dearden, Vivian
IASIS Healthcare
Layton, UT (801)776-0880
Denker, Mark
Palm Beach Fertility Center
Boca Raton, FL (888)819-5177
Desautels, Joseph
OBGYN Associates of Montgomery
Montgomery, AL (334)279-9333
Detti, Laura
6555 Quince Road Suite 501
Memphis, TN (901)515-3100
Dmowski, W. Paul
Oak Brook Fertility Center
Oak Brook, IL (888)331-3336
Doering, Thomas
Marshfield Clinic
Weston, WI (715)847-3284
Donesky, Barry
Fertility Center
Knoxville, TN (865)692-3433
Dorsett, Janelle
The Centre for Reproductive Medicine
Lubbock, TX (806)788-1212
Douglas, James
IVF Plano
Plano, TX (972)612-2500
Dovey, Serena
3055 Roslyn Street
Denver, CO (303)724-8089
Drews, Michael
RMA of New Jersey
Basking Ridge, NJ (908)604-7800
Dudley, Paul
1505 Westlake Ave N, Ste 400
Seattle, WA (206)301-5000
Edgar, Michelle
At Home Fertility
Berkeley, CA (415)262-0442
Edwards, Melissa
Woman's Care
Eugene, OR (541)686-2922
Englund, Gerald
Access Family Care
Joplin, MO (417)782-6200
Ensminger, Lynette
Briggsmore Specialty Center
Modesto, CA (209)550-4720
Erickson, Larry
Briggsmore Specialty Center
Modesto, CA (209)550-4720
Erickson, Lisa
Center for Reproductive Medicine & Advanced Reproductive Technologies
Minneapolis, MN (612)863-5390
Faustich, Mark
2100 S. Kensington Drive
Appleton, WI (920)560-5585
Fay, Nancy
Urbana, IL (217)255-9600
Fields, Robert
Pembroke Pines, FL (954)436-8602
Fine, Kurt
Associates for Women's Health
Spokane, WA (509)484-1236
Flood, Jill
Beach Center for IVF
Virginia Beach, VA (757)428-0002
Forseth, Hal
Billings OB-GYN Associates
Billings, MT (406)248-3607
Foulk, Russell
645 Sierra Rose Dr. Suite 205
Reno, NV (775)828-1200
Fox, Michael
Jacksonville Center for Reproductive Medicine
Jacksonville, FL (904)493-2229
Frank, Frederick
Salem Clinic
Salem, OR (503)399-2424
Freeburger, Laura
Spectrum Health OB/GYN
Grand Rapids, MI (616)391-2160
Freedman, Martin
RMA of Philadelphia
King of Prussia, PA (215)654-1544
Freeman, Michael
North Flordia OBGYN Associates, P.A.
Jacksonville, FL (904)399-5620
Fru, Karenne
2221 S 17th Street
Wilmington, NC (910)815-5090
Gage, Suzann
Progressive Health Services
San Diego , CA (619)260-0810
Gantt, Pickens
CAMC Fertility Center
Charleston, WV (304)388-2863
Garnaas, Mark
Western Montana Clinic
Missoula, MT (406)721-5600
Gehlbach, Dan
Midwest Reproductive Center, PA
Olathe, KS (913)780-4300
Gelman, Kenneth
IVF MD-Cooper City
Hollywood, FL (954)433-7060
Gentry, William
Advanced Fertility Group
Indianapolis, IN (317)817-1300
Gianfortoni, Joseph
LifeSource Fertility
Richmond, VA (804)673-2273
Gililland, John
N. California Fertility Med Center
Roseville, CA (916)773-2229
Gill, Lawrence
Sheridan Womans Health
Sheridan, WY (307)672-2522
Gillispie, Veronica
Ochsner Health System
New Orleans, LA (504)842-4155
Givens, Carolyn
Pacific Fertility Center
San Francisco, CA (415)834-3095
Givler, Janice
Western Montana Clinic
Missoula, MT (406)721-5600
Gohring, Cathy
Alaska Women's Health
Anchorage, AK (907)563-5151
Goldstein, Jerald
5757 Warren Parkway Ste. 300
Frisco, TX (214)618-2044
Grant, Dominique
Spokane OBGYN
Spokane, WA (509)838-4211
Green, Linda
Green & Urribarri
Coral Springs, FL (954)341-2916
Greenhouse, Stephen
Shady Grove Fertility
Fairfax, VA (888)761-1967
Greenman, Melanie
30 Locust Street
Northampton, MA (413)586-9866
Grossman, Michal
38A Ols Sprarrowbush Rd
Latham, NY (518)690-0700
Guerra, Marcy
Renaissance Women's Healthcare
Edinburg, TX (956)683-7900
Gunnala, Sujantha
Southest Fertility Center
Phoenix, AZ (602)956-7481
Gutmann, Jacqueline
833 Chestnut Street Upper Concourse, Suite 152
Philadelphia, PA (215)922-1556
Hade, Jesse
Boston IVF The Airzona Center
Scottsdale, AZ (480)559-0252
Hammer, Jobess
Dr. Chouteau & Dr. Hammer
Austin, TX (512)477-1954
Hansen, Karl
OU Physicians Reproductive Medicine
Oklahoma City, OK (405)271-1616
Hanson, Craig
Women'S Healthcare Unlimited, Inc
Decatur, IN (260)432-4400
Hardman, Patricia
UW Medicine
Seattle, WA (206)598-4477
Harris, Gayla
UT Medical Center
Knoxville, TN (865)249-7031
Harris, James
Billings Clinic
Billings, MT (406)238-2500
Harstedt, Lisa
Pacific Gynecology Specialists Seattle
Seattle, WA (206)965-1700
Hartog, Beth
Chelsea Feritility New York City
New York, NY (212)685-2229
Harvey , Gary
Missoula Women's Health Montanta Robotic Surgery
Missoula, MT (406)728-4292
Hassebrock-Johnson, Jeanne
Sanford Women's Health Plaza
Sioux Falls, SD (605)328-9700
Hasty, Lisa
CCRM Atlanta
Atlanta, GA (678)841-1089
Hayes, Maria
Dearborn, MI (313)299-6650
Hayes, Rosalind
Rochester Fertility Care
Rochester, NY (585)453-7760
Hayes, Stefani
Kwan Yin Healing Arts Center
Portland, OR (503)701-8766
Heinz, Susan
Samaritan Obstetrics & Gynecology
Corvallis, OR (541)768-5300
Henry, Micheal
201 Pennsylvania Parkway, Suite 325
Indianapolis, IN (317)817-1800
Herbert, Carl
Pacific Fertility Center
San Francisco, CA (415)834-3095
Herbst, Lee
Sayre, PA (570)887-2530
Hesla, John
Oregon Reproductive Medicine
Portland, OR (877)567-4994
Hickok, Lee
Pacific NW Fertility
Seattle, WA (206)515-0000
Hill, Joseph
Fertility Centers of New England
Reading, MA (877)326-3483
Hill, Micah
8901 Wisconsin Ave, Bldg 10, Room 2104
Bethesda, MD (301)400-2149
Hill, Stephen
Asheville Womens Medical Center
Asheville, NC (828)258-9191
Hine, Roger
Women's Health Center of Lebanon
Lebanon, PA (717)273-8835
Hinton, Endrika, GBMC
Baltimore, MD (443)849-2000
Hodes, Herbert
Center for Womens Health
Overland Park, KS (913)491-6878
Huang, Christopher
Advanced Reproductive Center of Hawaii
Honolulu, HI (808)949-6611
Hubert, Gary
Fertility & Surgical Associates of CA
Thousand Oaks, CA (805)778-1122
Huggins, Margaret
2990 Cortez Ave
Idaho Falls, ID (208)535-0440
Hughes, Juliette
Nampa, ID (208)442-8035
Hunt, Tauhni
Siouxland OBGYN
Sioux City, IA (712)277-3141
Hutchinson, Margaret
Seattle OBGYN
Seattle, WA (206)682-5800
Hutchison, Scot
Reproductive Health Center
Tucson, AZ (520)733-0083
Inge, George B.
3 Mobile Infirmary Circle Suite 213
Mobile, AL (251)438-4200
Inouye, Dwight
Gunnison Valley Hospital
Gunnison, UT (435)528-7202
Irianni, Francisco M.
1820 W. Plaza Drive
Winchester, VA (540)662-6092
Jacob, Saji
522 North New Ballas Road #206
St Louis, MO (314)473-1285
Jaffe, Sharon
Orlando, FL (800)343-6331
James, Summer
San Antonio, TX (210)370-3800
Jewell, Chris
Carrollton OBGYN
Carrollton, GA (770)214-2229
Johannsen, Tracy
Northwest Women's Healthcare
Seattle, WA (206)386-3400
Johansson, Julia
Circle of Life Womens Center
South Ogden, UT (801)337-5800
Johnson, Kevin
Overlake Reproductive Health
Bellevue, WA (425)646-4700
Johnson, Lisa
Lloyd District
Portland, OR (503)249-5454
Johnston, Guoli Hu
Center for Women's Health At Evergreen
Kirkland, WA (425)899-4455
Johnston-MacAnanny, Erika
131 Miller Street, 2nd FLoor
Winston-Salem, NC (336)716-3677
Jolly, Dara
Womens & Family Health Specialists
Renton, WA (425)271-4910
Jones, Michael
Jones Center for Women's Health
Fayetteville, NC (910)323-1626
Jordan, Debra
Life Cycle OB/GYN and Pediatrics
East Point, GA (404)766-8371
Justice, Tiffany
4612 Chamberlain Lane Suite 200
Louisville, KY (502)996-4480
Kairis, Lisa
Loma Linda University Health
Loma Linda, CA (877)558-6248
Kaminsky, Daniel
Walla Walla Clinic
Walla Walla, WA (509)525-5010
Kaplan, Eldrid
Austin Gynecology Associates
Austin, TX (512)478-7295
Kassam, Shiraz
Rockdale Medical Arts Building
Conyers, GA (770)922-2424
Kattel, Michael
San Diego Fertility Center
San Diego, CA (858)794-6363
Katz, Seth
Charlotte, NC (888)551-0874
Kaufman, Robert
Forth Worth Fertility Clinic
Fort Worth, TX (817)348-8145
Ke, Raymond W.
80 Humphreys Center Suite 307
Memphis, TN (901)747-2229
Kellam, Anita
1410 1st Ave
Havre, MT (406)265-5408
Keller, Sarah
Fertility and Reproductive Medicine Center
St. Loius, MO (314)286-2400
Kelly, Maureen
822 Pine Street, Suite 4B
Philadelphia, PA (215)829-8110
Kennedy, Janet
Kirkland, WA (877)777-6002
Khorram, Omid
University Fertility Center
Torrance, CA (310)378-7445
Kim, Alex
Sutter Health
San Jose, CA (800)597-2234
Kim, Helen
The University of Chicago Medicine
Chicago, IL (773)702-6642
Kirchhoff, Colette
Bozeman Health
Bozeman, MT (406)414-3133
Klose, Craig
Saint Mary's Medical Group
Reno, NV (775)770-6940
Knight, Dr. David
13-15 Moore Street Levl 2
Liverpool NSW, AUS (029)821-2144
Knowles, Machel
Circle of Life Women's Center
South Ogden, UT (801)337-5800
Knox, Mary
Kaiser East Interstate Clinic
Portland, OR (503)331-6283
Knudsen, Valerie
Women to Women
Missoula, MT (406)327-4395
Kosasa, Thomas
Doctor for Infertility Treatment in Hawaii
Honolulu, HI (808)949-2304
Kristiansen, Sonja
Houston Fertility Center
Houston, TX (713)225-5375
Kubik, Carolyn
Reproductive Health Specialists
Pittsburgh, PA (412)731-8000
Kusiv, Kathleen
Women's Health Care Ob-Gyn
Green Bay, WI (920)498-8650
Kuykendall, Juliet
Great Falls OB-GYN Associates
Great Falls, MT (406)761-7924
LaMalfa, Toni
South Jordan Health Center
South Jordan, UT (801)213-4500
Landwermeyer, Margaret
Hill Country OB/GYN Associates
Austin, TX (512)462-1936
Lashway, David
Generational Obstetricst & Gynecology
Boynton Beach, FL (561)738-9761
Later, Robert
Intermountain Alta View Hospital
Sandy, UT (801)571-0009
Le, Sy Q
Irving, TX (972)506-9986
Leondires, Mark
RMA of Connecticut
Norwalk, CT (800)865-5431
Lifson, Mick
Barrett Hospital & Healthcare
Dillon, MT (406)683-3000
Lines, Joyce
Doran Clinic for Women
Ames, IA (515)239-6970
Littman, Eva
Red Rock Fertility
Las Vegas, NV (702)749-4690
Maas, Kevin
Reproductive Medicine
Boise, ID (208)342-5900
Maclin, Victoria
Heartland Center for Rproductive Medicine, PC
Omaha, NE (877)831-3227
Maikis, Roseann
Tennessee Women's Care, PC
Nashville, TN (615)329-7940
Mallard-Warren, Gail
Women to Women OB/GYNECARE Specialists
Fresno, CA (559)432-4963
Markley, Karyn
Magnolia OBGYN
Myrtle Beach, SC (843)449-5848
Marshall, Lorna
Pacific NW Fertility and IVF Specialists
Seattle, WA (206)515-0000
Mathia, Kelley
Spokane OBGYN
Spokane, WA (509)928-2866
Matonis, Linda
Middlebury, CT (203)575-1811
Matteri, Robert
Oregon Reproductive Medicine
Portland, OR (877)567-4994
Mcbean, Judith
BMH Medical Group
Brattleboro, VT (802)251-9965
Mccaffree, Floyd
OB/GYN Associates of Spokane
Spokane, WA (509)455-8866
Mcclelland, Craig
Rock Hill GYN & OB
Rock Hill, SC (803)328-2401
Mcconnell, Rachel
Columbia Doctors
New York, NY (646)756-8282
McDunn, Melissa
2300 12th Ave S, Suite 112
Great Falls, MT (406)799-4545
Mckenna, John
North Spokane Women's Health
Spokane, WA (866)933-5082
McKinnie, Vikki
North Florida Women's Care
Tallahassee, FL (850)877-7241
Mclaughlin, David
Bozeman Clinic
Bozeman, MT (406)587-4242
Mcnichol, Milton
Fertility Center of Orlando
Maitland, FL (407)345-9006
Mehta, Rinku
Frisco Institute for Reproductive Medicine
Frisco, TX (972)301-8668
Melillo , Jason
Kingsdale Gynecologic Associates
Columbus, OH (614)457-4827
Milam, Sheli
The Med Spa at the Islands
Ocean Springs , MS (228)818-0416
Milligan, Robert
Associates for Women's Health
Spokane, WA (509)484-1236
Minudri, Ric
Moscow Pullman OB/GYN
Moscow, ID (208)883-0813
Miser, Alyson
Great Falls Clinic
Great Falls, MT (406)761-7924
Moffitt, Drew
1701 E. Thomas Road Suite 101
Phoenix, AZ (602)343-2762
Molloy, Daniel
Big Sky OB/GYN
Billings, MT (406)237-7000
Moorma, Karin
Crosswoods Women's Health
Columbus, OH (614)431-1634
Morano, Adele
Centura Health
Frisco, CO (970)668-5584
Morgan, Allen
Allen Morgan Fertility and Reproductive Medicine
Lakewood, NJ (732)363-4777
Morris, Randy
Naperville, IL (630)357-6540
Moruzzi, James
Olympia Women's Health
Olympia, WA (360)786-1515
Moruzzi, James
Olympia Women'S Health
Olympia, WA (360)786-1515
Moutos, Dean
Arkansas Fertility & Gynecology
Little Rock, AR (877)801-5353
Mroueh, Jamil
1561 Long Pond Road
Rochester, NY (585)453-7772
Mulcaire-Jones, George
Rocky Mountain Clinic
Butte, MT (406)496-3600
Munns, Meridyth
Mercy West Clinic, Mercy Women’s Health Center
Janesville, WI (608)756-6890
Murrain, Luis
GYFT Clinic
Tacoma, WA (425)278-9336
Murray, Michael
Northern California Fertility Medical Center
Sacramento, CA (916)773-2229
N.Shamma, Fayek
IVF Michigan Fertility Center
Dearborn, MI (855)952-9600
Namnoum, Anne
5445 Meridian Mark Rd Ste 270
Atlanta, GA (404)843-0812
Natelson, Richard
Steele Memorial Medical Center
Salmon, ID (208)756-6212
Nelson, Lori
Holistic Well Woman Care
Coeur D'Alene, ID (208)664-3101
Neuhoff, Douglas
Billings OB GYN
Billings, MT (406)248-3607
Nichols, John
Piedmont Reproductive Endocrinology Group
Greenville, SC (864)232-7734
Nielson, Eric
Mt Olympus
Salt Lake City, UT (801)685-7188
Nishida, Gary
Gary Nishida Private Practice
Oxnard, CA (805)483-0320
Nolte, John
Uintah Basin Medical Center
Roosevelt, UT (435)725-7462
Norton, Barbara
Geneva Woods Birth Center
Anchorage, AK (907)561-2626
O'Neill, Charles
Berkshire Medical Center
Pittsfield, MA (413)664-4343
O'Neill, Molly
Bloom Natural Healthcare
Portland, OR (503)223-3741
Olive, David
Wisconsin Fertility Institute
Middleton, WI (608)824-0075
Opsahl, Michael
12039 NE 128th Street, Suite 110
Kirkland, WA (425)822-7662
Owens, John
Bakersfield Office
Bakersfield, CA (661)401-2000
Pabon, Julio
6050 Cattleridge Blvd Suite 103
Sarasota, FL (941)342-1568
Pang, Samuel
IVF New England
Lexington, MA (800)858-4832
Payne, John F.
123 Hendersonville Rd Building 3
Asheville, NC (828)210-8284
Peacock, Mark
Birkdale Commons Parkway
Huntersville, NC (704)896-7005
Perez, Christian
The New Hope Center for Reproductive Medicine
Virginia Beach, VA (757)496-5370
Perfetto, Candice
7400 Fannin Street Suite 1180
Houston, TX (713)790-9900
Perkerewicz, Kathleen
Sanford Obstetrics & Gynecology
Bismarck, ND (701)323-8215
Peters, Alfred
Peters and Kroeker, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Fresno, CA (559)325-3515
Plessala, Kirby
Mobile Ob-Gyn, P.C.
Mobile, AL (251)633-0793
Plonka, Catherine
Advocate Health Care
Chicago, IL (773)561-7500
Pool, Leslie
St. Luke's
Boise, ID (208)343-7501
Potter, Daniel
HRC Fertility Fullerton Fertility Clinic
Fullerton , CA (714)738-4200
Prelutsky, David
Southhampton Health Care
St Louis, MO (314)647-2200
Pritts, Elizabeth
Wisconsin Fertility Institute
Middleton, WI (608)824-0075
Proctor, Jon
Kaiser Permanente Center for Reproductive Health
Fremont, CA (888)331-5601
Prough, Stanley
Tulsa Fertility Center
Tulsa, OK (918)359-2229
Qasim, Suna
4 Ethel Road, Suite 405A
Edison, NJ (732)339-9300
Ramsey, Leonard
Bozeman Clinic
Bozeman, MT (406)587-4242
Rashef, Eli
Bennett Fertility Institute
Oklahoma City, OK (405)945-4728
Ratcliffe, Jennifer
Advanced Fertility Associates Medical Group Inc.
Santa Rosa, CA (707)575-5831
Reese, Heather
Virginia Health Information
Richmond, VA (804)643-5573
Rehman, Khurram
Overlake Reproductive Health
Bellevue, WA (425)646-4700
Reich, Stephanie
Women Partners in Health
Austin, TX (512)459-8082
Reinardy, Thomas
Neenah/Town of Menasha - Deerwood Avenue Clinic
Neenah, WI (920)751-9650
Reue, David
The OB/GYN Group of Austin
Austin, TX (512)454-5721
Reuter, Laura
Midwest Fertility-Carmel
Carmel, IN (317)571-1637
Reynolds, Kasey
Bethesda Fertility Center
Cincinnati, OH (800)634-1222
Rice, Suzanne
Women’s Health Associates in Boise
Boise , ID (208)338-8900
Richards, Charles
Moscow Pullman OB/GYN
Pullman, WA (509)332-7511
Richardson, Marilyn
KC Medical and Wellness Center
Kansas City, MO (816)214-5276
Riggall, Frank
Orlando, FL (800)343-6331
Ripps, Barry
Pensacola, FL (850)857-3733
Roach, Dorothy
The Woodlands, TX (800)444-0812
Roberts, David
Carilion Clinic Obstetrics & Gynecology
Blacksburg, VA (540)961-1058
Robins, Edwin
Center for Reproductive Health
Spokane, WA (800)334-1409
Rosenberg, Sanford
Richmond Center for Fertility and Endocrinology
Richmond, VA (804)285-9700
Ross, Brandy
Moonrise Health and Birth, Inc.
Lynnwood, WA (425)670-6752
Rowles, Roger
Generations OB/GYN
Yakima, WA (509)248-3440
Rowley, Lawrence
WellStar Medical Group - South Cobb OB/GYN.
Austell, GA (770)941-7717
Russell, Asela
Center for Women's Health
Englewood, CO (303)755-0120
Russell, Jeffrey
The Delaware Institute for Reproductive Medicine
Newark, DE (302)738-4600
Sacks, Preston
Columbia Fertility Associates
Washington, DC (202)796-1991
Salisbury, Dennis
St James Rocky Mountain Clinic
Butte, MT (406)496-3600
Salter, Richard
Advanced OB-GYN Associates
Surrounding Dallas-Fort Worth Cities, TX (972)276-9902
Samanich, David
Cleveland Clinic
Westlake, OH (440)808-1905
Sartor, Belinda (Sissy)
The Fertility Institue
Mandeville, LA (985)892-7621
Sawin, Stephen
ARC Fertility
Saratoga, CA (888)990-2727
Schade, Scott
Rockwood GYN Center
Spokane, WA (509)755-5185
Schemmel, Mark
Spokane OBGYN
Spokane, WA (509)838-4211
Schenk, Leah
Houston Fertility Specialists
Houston, TX (713)512-7900
Schieber, Michael
3805 Edwards Rd #450
Cincinnati, OH (513)329-5550
Schillings, Wendy
1401 N Cedar Crest Blvd, Suite 200
Allentown, PA (610)820-6888
Schinfeld, Jay
Abington Reproductive Medicine
Abington, PA (215)887-2010
Schmidt, Lila
San Diego Mommy Maker
San Diego, CA (619)243-1298
Scordalakes, Constantine
Sidney Health Center
Sidney, MT (406)488-2577
Seeker, Christopher
Austin Area Obstetrics, Gynecology & Fertility
Austin, TX (512)451-8211
Selub, Minna
Florida Institute for Reproductive Sciences and Technologies
Weston, FL (954)217-3456
Sepesi, Joshua
Athens Healthcare for Women
Athens, GA (706)552-1600
Sessions, Lisa
Rocky Mountain Clinic
Butte, MT (406)782-9132
Sestero, Robert
Spokane OBGYN
Spokane, WA (509)928-2866
Shelton, Becky
2821 N Ballas Road, Suite 220
Town and Country, MO (314)993-2340
Sherman, Roberta
The Polyclinic
Seattle, WA (206)329-1760
Shomento, Stacey
925 Highland Blvd. Suite 1220
Bozeman, MT (406)994-9823
Simckes, Elan, MD
5401 Veterans Memorial Pkwy Ste 201
St. Peters, MO (636)552-7770
Simmon, Michelle
Asheville Womens Medical Center
Arden, NC (828)687-2955
Skaf, Robert
400 Lippincott Dr. Suite 130
Marlton, NJ (856)596-2233
Slager, Barbara
Coastal Womens Health Care
Scarborough, ME (207)885-8400
Smetana, Lori
OB/GYN Associates of Spokane
Spokane, WA (509)455-8866
Smith, Larry
Richland, WA (509)943-0300
Solomon, Jerome
Premier ObGyn Napa
Napa, CA (707)257-7821
Somkuti, Stephen
Abington Reprod. Med.
Abington, PA (215)887-2010
Sonneberg, Larry
Bozeman Clinic
Bozeman, MT (406)587-4242
Spirtos, Nicholas
Northeast Ohio Fertility Clinic
Akron, OH (330)376-2300
Springer, R.
Center for Reproductive Health
Geneva, IL (630)262-9980
Starks, Gregory
HCA Midwest Health
Kansas City, MO (816)444-6888
Staub, Jay
Health Central
Dallas, TX (214)365-1150
Stegmann, Barbara
7515 South Main Street
Houston, TX (713)425-3003
Steinkampf, Michael
Alabama Fertility Specialists
Birmingham, AL (205)874-0000
Steinleitner, Alex
Central Coast Fertility
San Luis Obispo, CA (805)543-2228
Stewart, Gayle
Alpine Medical Group
Salt Lake City, UT (801)521-2640
Stormant, John
206 E Farrel Rd
Lafayette, LA (337)989-8795
Stovall, William
Spokane OBYGN
Spokane, WA (509)928-2866
Straub, Robert
1100 Johnson Ferry Road NE
Atlanta, GA (404)257-1900
Surrey, M.D., Mark W.
450 N. Roxbury Drive
Beverly Hills, CA (310)277-2393
Swajkoski, Alan
OB-GYN Center
Boise, ID (208)814-1000
Sweet, Craig
Specialists In Reproductive Med & Surg
Ft. Myers, FL (239)275-8118
Swietnicki, Suzanne
Northern Montana Medical Group
Havre, MT (406)265-7831
Synn, Michael
Womens Specialty and Fertility Center
Clovis, CA (559)299-7700
Taylor, Stephanie
Womans Wellspring
Monterey, CA (831)655-1995
Taylor, Steven
The Fertility Institute
New Orleans, LA (985)892-7621
Thakore, Suruchi
7675 Wellness Way Suite 315
West Chester, OH (513)475-7600
Thompson, Don
Dept. of OB-GYN
Albuquerque, NM (505)272-1272
Thompson, Jim
Center for Reproductive Medicine of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM (505)224-7474
Thornton, Melvin
Columbia Doctors
White Plains, NY (646)756-8282
Thyer, Angela
Seattle, WA (206)301-5000 http://Seattlefertility.Com
Timmreck, Lorna
Shady Grover Ferility
Rockville, MD (888)761-1967
Ting, Robert
Moscow Family Medicine
Moscow, ID (208)882-2011
Tobias, Tamara
Seattle, WA (206)301-5000
Toma, Sameh
400 Ashville Ave Suite 200
Cary, NC (919)233-1680
Toma, Sameh K.
400 Ashville Ave #200
Cary, NC (919)233-1680
Treiser, Susan
IVF New Jersey
Somerset, NJ (732)220-9060
Trinh, Huong
Moscow Pullman OB/GYN
Pullman, WA (509)332-7511
Troche, Valdimor
Troche Fertility Centers
Glendale, AZ (602)993-8636
Trolice, Mark
Fertility Care The IVF Center
Winter Park, FL (407)672-1106
Udoff, Lawrence
Genetics and IVF Institute
Fairfax, VA (703)698-7355
Urquhart, Sean
Valley Medical Center
Lewiston, ID (208)746-1383
Valone, Ross
Des Moines OBGYN
Des Moines, IA (515)225-7201
Vandeerlin, Peter
South Jersey Fertility Center
Marlton, NJ (856)596-2233
Vandermolen, David
ArkLaTex Fertility Center
Shreveport, LA (318)212-8270
Vasquez, Jaime
The Center for Reproductive Health
Nashville, TN (615)321-8899
Vaughn, Thomas
Austin Fertility Center
Austin, TX (512)610-7474
Vilos, Angelos
London Health Sciences Centre
London, Ontario, Canada (519)663-2966
Vulgaropulos, Spyro
North Carolina Center Reproductive Medicine
Cary, NC (919)233-1311
Waldrep, Kathryn
Vernon & Waldrep OB-GYN Assoc.
Dallas, TX (972)566-4660
Watabe, Bryan
Legacy OB/GYN Clinic
American Fork, UT (801)855-2980
Werlin, Lawrence
Coastal Fertility Medical Center
Irvine, CA (949)726-0600
Whelan, Joseph
1524 E. Morehead Street
Charlotte, NC (704)343-7015
Whitman-Elia, Gail
Advanced Fertility
West Columbia, SC (803)939-1515
Whitten, Scott
Nevada Center for Reproductive Medicine
Reno, NV (775)828-1200
Whitworth, Christine
Nashville Fertility Center
Nashville, TN (615)321-4740
Wilkis, Joseph
Coastal Womens Healthcare
Scarborough, ME (207)885-8400
Williams, Steven
Ohio Reproductive Medicine
Columbus, OH (614)451-2280 http://
Willman, Susan
Reproductive Science Center
Orinda, CA (888)377-4483
Witten, Barry
621 S. New Ballas Road, Suite 589
St Louis, MO (314)251-5650
Witton, Barry
Comprehensive Infertility Services
St. Louis, Missouri (314)251-4485
Xiao, Huifang
4161 Kissena Blvd. Suite A
Flushing, NY (718)939-3588
Yalcinkaya, Tamer
3821 Forrestgate Drive
Winston-Salem, NC (336)448-9100
Yeko, Timothy
The Reproductive Medicine Group
Tampa, FL (813)914-7304
Young, Donald
Mid Iowa Fertility
West Des Moines, IA (515)222-3060
Young, Steven
UNC Fertility
Raleigh, NC (919)908-0000
Youngdahl, Paula
Tri State OB-GYN
Beaver Falls, PA (724)843-0737
Zeringue, Ernest
California IVF
Davis, CA (530)771-0177
Zhang, John
4 Columbus Circle, 4th Floor
New York, NY (212)517-7676
Zimmerman, Lori
Lutheran Health Physicians
N. Manchester, IN (260)982-1994§ion_id=1010