Donor Number 638

General Information

Donor Code:
Ethnic Origin:
English, German, Irish, Welsh
Blood Type:
O Positive
Hair Color:
Light Brown
Type of Hair:
Thickness of Hair:
Age at Time of Retrieval:
Eye Color:
Complexion Relative to Race:
Bone Structure:

Playing sports, volunteering, spending time with family, and scrap-booking.

Education Status: High School Diploma Obtained

Area of Study: Human Resource Management

Vision: Good, does wear lenses

Hearing: Excellent

Dentition: Good, no orthodontia required

Allergies: None known

Hospitalization: None known

Alcohol Usage: Does not drink alcohol

Tobacco Usage: Does not smoke

Drug Usage: Tests NEGATIVE for Drugs of Abuse.

Paternal Grandfather: Alive and in his 80's, Healthy

Paternal Grandmother: Alive and in her 80's, Healthy

Maternal Grandfather: Died in his 80's, Pneumonia

Maternal Grandmother: Alive and in her 70's, Healthy

Father: Alive and in his 40's, Healthy

Mother: Alive and in her 40's, Migraines (treated with ibuprofen), rheumatoid arthritis in her 40s

Siblings: At least one sibling, all in good health.

Genetic Screening Performed: Yes

This donor has been screened for 102 genetic diseases (via targeted mutation analysis) and is not a carrier for any of the disease-causing mutations tested.

Genetic screening can reduce the risk for specific conditions tested but does not eliminate the risk for these conditions or for other untested conditions. There is a 3 to 4% chance that any child could be born with a birth defect, regardless of whether the child is conceived naturally or through assisted reproductive technologies. It is not possible to eliminate these risks or test for all of them before becoming pregnant.


The donor's personal and family health history was originally reported on 2/24/2014.


No new information reported at this time.

Donor Communication (Type): Open

Limited Available? No

Past Pregnancy: Yes

Face: Oval shape with two small moles on right cheek

Lips: Full upper and lower lips

Nose: Longer than average in length with slightly wider rounded tip

Ears: Larger in size, partially attached lobes, not tucked back

Eyes: Round almond shape, medium size, average set, with medium length eye lashes

Eyebrows: Medium fullness, curved

Summary: Very sweet girl, and very much on top of things! She always strives to be ahead of the game and seems to be very proactive in every aspect of life. This donor has been tested for BRCA1 and BRCA2 with negative results for both.


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