Egg Donation

Egg donors are in high demand.

As an egg donor, you can earn $5,000 for your first successful egg retrieval, and $7,000 for repeat donations. Once you have filled out the questionnaire and qualified to become a donor, the staff will walk you through the compensation process.

How to Qualify

By participating in the egg donor program, you not only get the overwhelming satisfaction of knowing that you made it possible for someone to have the family of their dreams, but you are also rewarded monetarily for your time and dedication to the process.

We are always recruiting egg donors to provide the chance of having a family to those who are unable to use their own eggs to create a child. If you are interested in becoming an egg donor you must reside in the greater Spokane, WA (Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho) area. There are several criteria that must be met to be considered for participation as an egg donor. These criteria are in place for two main reasons.

  1. For the program to provide those using the services the absolute optimum chance of success.
  2. Donors not meeting some of the requirements are simply not in high enough demand.
In order to begin the formal donor screening process, you will need to complete the egg donor screening form.

Our current minimum requirements include the following:

  1. You must be between 20 and 30 years of age
  2. You must have a high school diploma as an educational minimum
  3. You must not have a history of multiple spontaneous abortions
  4. Your family health history through grandparents
  5. We are unable to use donors that use tobacco, recreational drugs or are heavy alcohol users
  6. You must not be currently pregnant, or breast feeding.
  7. You must be available for 7:00am appointments 7-12 times during your retrieval month.
  8. You must have private health insurance coverage (Not DSHS). Your health insurance is only used in the event of a medical emergency. If you do not have private health insurance, it may be obtained through NW Cryobank with a nominal deduction from your compensation.
  9. You must fall within the ideal body weight for your height (see chart below)
Height Weight
5'0" 97 - 128
5'1" 100 - 132
5'2" 104 - 136
5'3" 107 - 141
5'4" 110 - 145
5'5" 114 - 150
5'6" 118 - 155
5'7" 121 - 159
5'8" 125 - 164
5'9" 128 - 169
5'10" 132 - 174
5'11" 136 - 179
6'0" 140 - 184

What if I am accepted as an egg donor?

If you are accepted as an egg donor, you will be asked to discontinue use of any oral contraceptives as well as the removal of any type of IUD. you would need to come back to a normal menstrual cycle before you could be considered for participation. The program does not recommend that you change your method of birth control for the sole purpose of participation as an egg donor unless approved by your professional health care provider.

Participation is limited if you are more than 30% below your ideal body weight, as both low and high body weight may influence your reproductive capacity.

I have reviewed the requirements for becoming an egg donor and to my understanding meet each of these requirements completely. I wish to proceed with the egg donor application.

What if I am not accepted?

It's natural to feel rejected if you are not chosen. Sometimes the decision is made simply because the right match has not been found. In some cases, it might become apparent that the time investment is too great or that the process could be emotionally difficult. To prevent prospective donors from dwelling on the reason they were not accepted, it is our policy not to provide this information. Please make sure you are comfortable with this policy prior to proceeding.