Egg & Embryo Storage

Egg Storage

Women decide to store their eggs (oocytes) for a number of reasons, such as delaying childbearing until a later date, when fertility is at risk due to an illness, prior to chemotherapy, prior to radiation therapy, or age recommendation. Consulting with a physician will help determine whether freezing your eggs for the future is the best option for you.

How It Works

Your physician will retrieve, freeze, and ship your eggs to our facility for long-term storage in liquid nitrogen. Working with each client and their medical facility, we will coordinate the shipment directly with your clinic.

Once they arrive, your eggs will be kept secure in our specially designed tanks until you are ready to retrieve them for use. For more information, please contact us at 800-786-5251.

Safety & Security

  • A state-of-the-art, FDA and CLIA registered facility.
  • A secure area for egg storage tanks. Access is limited to authorized personnel required to maintain storage tanks.
  • Extensive internal and external security systems that include a secured entrance system, and 24-hour security response service.
  • Qualified personnel to monitor the liquid nitrogen levels of each storage tank daily. In addition, all tanks are electronically monitored 24/7.
  • Specialized storage department staff overseeing frozen egg storage and working with each client and their medical facility.
  • Complete records of storage and activity related to all frozen eggs.
  • Procedures for retrieval of eggs to ensure cryogenic safety of the eggs during transfer.

To arrange for a transfer or for more information, please contact us at: 800-786-5251.

Please note NW Cryobank does not perform the procedures required to complete an egg retrieval . We are only a long-term storage facility.  Upon request, we can provide you with a list of fertility clinics in your area which offer these services.

Embryo Storage

Embryo storage is not only a valuable asset in protecting a woman’s reproductive future, but also a vital component in many fertility procedures. NW Cryobank has been storing reproductive specimens since 1986. We offer state-of-the-art embryo storage to patients world wide, and have been transporting frozen specimens to and from physician practices in all 50 states and many foreign countries for over 25 years.

Reasons for Embryo Storage

  • Infertility treatment can often result in more embryos than are needed at the time of production. Remaining embryos can be stored for future transfer and conception attempts.
  • Treatment with gameto-toxic chemotherapy and/or radiation may diminish a woman’s fertility. Retrieving and fertilizing eggs (embryos) may allow for fertility preservation and more flexible future family planning.
  • Diminished ovarian reserve may be an indication for embryo storage. A woman may choose to have her eggs fertilized (embryos) and stored for use at a later time.
  • Embryos stored temporarily at a reproductive medicine clinic may need to be relocated to a facility specializing in embryo storage for reasons such as: the clinic has limited storage space for frozen embryos, the clinic may restrict the time period of storage, or the clinic may be closing.

How It Works

We will work with your current storage facility to schedule the transfer of your embryos. All shipments and accompanying paperwork are confirmed by two licensed personnel. They will confirm patient name, specimen ID, freeze dates, clinic name, and number of specimens to assure an accurate inventory. Once your embryos have been placed securely into a long term storage tank, you will receive written documentation that the transfer has been completed. Please note that an administrative embryo transfer fee is applicable, see fertility preservation fees for details.

With our experience in long term storage, you can trust NW Cryobank to provide safety and security for your embryos.

To arrange for a transfer or for more information, please contact us at: 800-786-5251.