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General Sperm Information

The sperm samples available at NW Cryobank are available in multiple formats to accommodate different needs. NW Cryobank offers frozen donor sperm shipments direct to patients and physicians. Donor sperm specimens are prepared frozen in IUI (intra-uterine) washed, and ICI (intra-cervical) un-washed preparations, and can be shipped to all U.S. locations. IVF vials are available for many NW Cryobank sperm donors.

ICI specimens - Raw or rinsed donor semen with all natural body fluids and cellular components of a natural ejaculate, is mixed with a Sperm Freeze Media which contains 0.4% human serum albumin (HIV & Hepatitis negative). Sperm Washing Media which contains Gentamicin may in some cases be added to the sample during processing. These specimens can be used for vaginal or Intracervical Insemination without any further processing. Do not use an ICI specimen for IUI without washing of the specimen by your health care professional. This format is appropriate for home vaginal/intra-cervical (ICI) use, or for IVF use. These specimens would require further processing in order to be placed into the uterine cavity. Each vial contains a minimum of 10-18 million motile sperm. If the specimen is processed further, our minimum motility guarantee would be voided.

IUI - Sperm cells are separated from the raw ejaculate by centrifugation against a density gradient material, then rinsed free of the gradient material and re-suspended in a Sperm Washing Media which contains Gentamicin prior to mixing with Sperm Freeze Media which contains 0.4% human serum albumin (HIV & Hepatitis negative). These specimens are prepared so that they may be placed directly into the uterus by your professional health care provider without further processing. These units are IUI ready when thawed. Prepared for intrauterine insemination, these specimens may also be used for home vaginal/intra-cervical or IVF use. Each vial contains a minimum of 7-13 million motile sperm per vial. Some IVF centers performing ICSI prefer ICI specimens. Check with your medical professional for preferences.

All of the sperm specimens available at NW Cryobank can be used for vaginal insemination. All donor semen is provided in 1.2 mL cryovials. The volume of the specimen will vary depending on the format and sperm concentration. We deliver at least 1.0 mL and 0.5 mL into ICI and IUI vials, respectively. We target post-thaw counts of 14 million in our ICI vials and 10 million in our IUI vials. Vial counts will fall within a range of plus or minus 30% from the target value. This means that after thaw, an ICI vial will produce counts between 10 and 18 million motile sperm, and an IUI vial will produce between 7 and 13 million motile sperm. We currently do not provide TMC guarantees on our ICI IVF and IUI IVF vials. In the event a specimen is determined to be substandard, the client has two options for use of the vial:

  1. Client may choose to return the unused specimen for complete refund or credit on a future purchase. This is not available for at home insemination.
  2. Client may choose to utilize the specimen. If the client chooses to use the specimen, the motility guarantee is void.

Your provider must complete the Specimen Report form and return to NW Cryobank within 30 days of receipt of specimen. This Specimen Report form provides detailed analysis of the results performed by qualified personnel. Sperm count guarantees apply only to initial shipment of specimens, upon appropriate initial thaw, and prior to any additional handling or washing procedures.

Check with NW Cryobank about international shipping options.

See below for information on donor standards, guarantees and testimonials

Client Testimonials

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Donor Standards

NW Cryobank takes pride in screening each sperm donor to ensure our clients are receiving the best quality sperm for their needs. Click here to learn more about our donor standards.

Donor Selection

NW Cryobank is dedicated to providing you with the information you need to make a well-educated selection with regards to a sperm donor. In addition to information on a donor's family longevity, physical characteristics and known donor considerations, NW Cryobank also offers the additional service of photo matching.Click here to learn more.

Donor Blood Type Information

Click here to learn moreabout how blood type plays a role in artificial insemination.

Family Medical History Evaluation

The family medical history documented on a donor's profile is self-reported by the donor based on his understanding of his medical history at the time the profile is completed. We strongly recommend that all recipients discuss their donor's family medical histories with their personal healthcare providers PRIOR TO using eggs or semen specimens from a donor so that they can be informed about the risks to their offspring based on the donor's family history and determine if use of that donor is right for their needs.

Genetic Testing

Genetic carrier screening is performed on all donor applicants. The specific tests performed on our donors has changed over time. Since January 2011, we have been performing carrier screening for the following disorders on all donor applicants:

Cystic fibrosis (CF)

Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA)

Tay Sachs/Hexosaminidase A deficiency

Sickle cell anemia


Bloom syndrome

Gauchers disease

Canavan disease

Fanconi anemia Type C

Mucolipidosis Type IV

Niemann Pick disease Type A

Donors who display the double helix icon on the donor catalog have been screened for and tested negative as a carrier for these disorders. Donors who entered the program prior to January 2011 do not have the helix icon and have not had screening for all of these conditions.

Donors with the double helix icon have also had carrier screening for an expanded carrier screening panel and some donors have positive test results for other disorders. These conditions are inherited in an autosomal recessive manner which means that offspring of these donors are not at risk to develop these conditions unless the other biological parent also carries a mutation for the same condition. PRIOR to selecting your donor, please contact us at to obtain specific information about the genetic screening performed on donors in which you are interested.

We strongly recommend that you review the full genetic test results for your donor with your healthcare providers PRIOR TO insemination or embryo transfer so that you have the opportunity to be informed about the risks associated with positive test results as well as the options available for additional genetic screening on yourself or your partner.

PLEASE NOTE: Genetic screening can reduce the risk for specific conditions tested but does not eliminate the risk for these conditions or for other untested conditions. There is a 3 to 4% chance that any child could be born with a birth defect, regardless of whether the child is conceived naturally or through assisted reproductive technologies. It is not possible to eliminate these risks or test for all of them before becoming pregnant.

Genetic counselors are healthcare professionals who can inform you about genetic risks and genetic testing information. They can help you make decisions about how much genetic testing, if any, is right for your family. You can locate a genetic counselor in your area at .

Artificial Insemination

Want to know more about the process behind artificial insemination? Click here to learn more about the process and what you can expect to experience.

Sperm Specimen Pricing

Click here to review a complete price sheet for the purchase of donor sperm and all of the other services offered by NW Cryobank.

Payment Information

NW Cryobank requires that payment be received in full prior to an order being processed and accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express, debit cards, and Money Orders. Click here to to learn more.

Vial Buy Back Program

NW Cryobank clients may purchase multiple vials of their selected donor while maintaining the financial flexibility of knowing they can return any unused vials in the future. Click here to learn more about our Vial Buy Back Program.

Sperm Shipping Information

Click here to learn about how NW Cryobank will ship your sperm specimens to you, as well as helpful rate information for shipping within the United States and internationally.

Shipping Dewar Information and Details

Click here to learn more about the shipping dewars used by NW Cryobank for shiping sperm specimens to our clients.

Cryobank Regulations and Statistics

Click here to learn more about the strict regulations of cryobanks and donor sperm and eggs.

NW Cryobank Licensing

Need information on professional memberships or CLIA forms? Click here for more information on our licensing and affiliations.

Ovulation Calculator

Want to know when the best time to attempt pregnancy? Click here to learn more about ovulation calculation and to determine when you are most fertile.

Topics of Interest

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