Genetic Testing

Genetic technologies and genetic testing guidelines change over time. These advances allow us to improve upon the screening that is performed on donor applicants.  This means that different donors have different genetic testing performed based upon when they entered the donor program.  

  • Some donors who have had large panels of genetic carrier screening will have tested positive as carriers of mutations for one or more genetic conditions that are inherited in an autosomal recessive manner.  Autosomal recessive inheritance means that offspring of this donor are NOT expected to be affected with this condition(s) unless the reproductive partner also carries a mutation for this condition.
  • Other donors have not had carrier screening for a condition that is currently  recommended by the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG).  Clients who select these donors are  required to complete an additional acknowledgment form prior to release of tissue so that we can ensure you have the opportunity to consider carrier screening for these conditions on yourself, if appropriate.  

The results of a donor’s genetic testing are available on our website.  All clients are strongly encouraged to download a copy of their donor’s results and discuss them with their physicians and genetic counselors PRIOR TO SHIPMENT. This ensures the donor is appropriate for their use.

Family Medical History

The donor’s family medical history, as known to the donor at the time he enters the donor program, is summarized on his Medical History profile. This is available on the donor’s profile page on our website.  It is possible that new health information involving the donor may become known to us after the donors complete their profiles, or we may become aware of health issues in offspring conceived from their donations.  If any new information indicates a significant risk for a specific health problem in other offspring of the donor, we will attempt to contact clients to whom the information is known to be relevant, such as if they have vials in storage with us or because they have reported a pregnancy or birth.

All clients are encouraged to contact us to learn of any medical updates involving their donor PRIOR TO using stored eggs, semen, or embryos. This is to ensure they are still comfortable using that donor’s specimens based on all reported family history.  Updates can be obtained by calling our Genetics Department at (877) 743 6384.