At-Home Inseminations

The conception of a child is a special event. We understand that many women and families prefer vaginal inseminations in the privacy and convenience of their own homes. We’re proud to be able to help provide that experience for you.

  • Direct shipments to your home*
  • Easy-to-read instructions for handling and thawing samples
  • Affordable ICI, IUI, and IVF options

All of our vial types are suitable for at-home vaginal insemination. If you are considering an IUI procedure, please consult your physician and do not attempt an intrauterine insemination at home.

Our insemination kit is included in the shipment of your vial(s) and consists of an insemination syringe, suitable for vaginal insemination. We recommend consulting with your physician on all matters related to inseminations. (International shipments can only be sent to physicians’ offices.)

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*At-home insemination available where allowed by state law. NY State Residents: Physician Authorization (A1 Form) is required for at-home insemination.