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NW Cryobank is pleased to provide donor sperm where permitted internationally. We invite you to create an account and contact us at for more information as well as order and shipping assistance. Please note that we do not ship to private/residential addresses (i.e. at-home insemination) internationally.

Donor Screening

As part of the screening process to determine sperm donor eligibility, NW Cryobank gathers an extensive family (three generations) and personal medical history. NW Cryobank screens donors for common genetic conditions, such as cystic fibrosis. Each sperm donor’s screening results are available on our website. Sperm donors are interviewed extensively to check for consistency and accuracy of reported information. In addition to the screening and testing to establish medical eligibility, NW Cryobank also offers non-medical information on its donors, such as childhood photos, staff impressions, and personal profiles. Sperm donor screening at NW Cryobank meets or exceeds the standards set forth by the Food and Drug Administration as well as the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.


Please complete the following forms and email them to or fax them to +1 (509) 232-0145. Please email to request any of the below forms.

International Authorization (IAS)

If you are shipping vials outside of the U.S., we require an international authorization form (IAS) signed by a physician. You may download the form here.

Personal Information (A2)

The A2 form is required in order to purchase specimens. You may download the form here

Purchase, Storage, and Shipping Agreement (A3)

The A3 form is required in order to purchase, ship, and store specimens. You may download the form in the following languages: