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Photo Matching

NW Cryobank is pleased to provide our photo matching service.  When choosing a potential donor, likeness to a particular individual can be important.  Whether you want a donor who resembles you, your partner, another NW Cryobank donor, or even someone famous, we are here to help.

First, it is necessary to complete our online registration. This way we will have a file in which to keep the results for later reference. To complete the registration, click on "ready to order", "enter the purchase center", then select "sperm". This will take you through the general information, ID verification, and sperm agreement. When you have reached the page to select a donor, the process is complete and you may exit at that time.

Because the majority of our donors are in their early to mid twenties, it is preferred the photographs you provide are also of individuals in that same age range.  We are unable to perform photo matches on children under the age of 18.

In order to provide the closest match possible, please provide two color photographs of the person you wish us to match.  The first photo should be a full face close up, while the second photograph should be a close up facial profile.  Please take care to provide photos without hat or glasses and hair off the face and ears.  Avoid photos with shadows.

Providing good quality photos improves our ability to provide you with the highest quality match.  This is especially important when matching complexion. Please email photos to: .

There are 2 ways to approach your photo match.  You can ask that we perform a match against our entire donor catalog.  Or, you can preselect a group of donor numbers to whom you would like a match performed.  If you wish to preselect a group of donors for matching, please include the list of donor numbers with your request.  Please click here for pricing information.

Performing a photo match is a very delicate procedure which takes considerable effort to identify matches in facial appearance.  Consequently, there are some traits we consider and some we do not.

Traits considered as part of the photo match process:
    Face shape
    Eye size, shape, and position
    Nose size, shape and position
    Chin shape
    Ear size, shape and position

Traits not considered:
    Eye color
    Hair color or type
    Blood type
    CMV status
    Body build
    Health history
   Open/Anonymous status

We look forward to helping you find the donor you desire.  Thank you!