This spring, we are happy to announce that we are offering a 5 day promotional code. The promotional code can be used once per client starting Monday, April 16th through Friday, April 20th. If you buy 4 or more of our IUI or ICI vials, you will save 25% off your purchase of vials, when you use the promotional code SPRINGBABY. Please note the vials need to be from the same donor and all IUI or all ICI and not an assortment of both. Also, this offer excludes shipping, merchandise, and our IUI-IVF vials and ICI-IVF vials.

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Monthly Storage of Gamete Specimens
Monthly Storage of Gamete Specimens
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Monthly gamete specimen storage. This product is only for paying monthly storage fees on line by credit card. This product should only be purchased if you: -are already a registered client -already have specimens in short term storage with our facility, and -you already have a short term storage agreement on file with us. Do not pay for more storage than you need. These storage charges are non refundable. Should you need storage for many months, then you should consider long term storage to help save money and to avoid monthly billing.

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