Report Your Pregnancy

We encourage you to complete this form shortly after a new pregnancy, miscarriage, or birth. Timely reporting is necessary to help us limit family units and ensure you stay informed of any significant medical updates on your donor. To notify us of your pregnancy, please either call us or download the form below and deliver via email, fax, or mail.

All personal information is kept confidential.

Download Report Form

Call: 800-786-5251
Fax: 1-509-232-0145
Address: NW Cryobank 201 W. North River Dr. Suite 110, Spokane, WA 99201

Join Our Sibling Registry

Those who choose to enroll in the Sibling Registry must report their pregnancy as a prerequisite to gain access. Participation in our program is completely optional and therefore will not offer a comprehensive list of potential siblings. Once enrolled, families will have access to information of potential siblings who have chosen to enroll. This includes the posting of births of potential siblings, profiles and email contact information for potential siblings, and an online portal where siblings and families will be able to communicate regarding sperm donors and the insemination that took place.