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Returns &
Vial Buy Backs


We understand that coordinating the logistics for an insemination can be tricky. Keeping your vials in storage at NW Cryobank provides you with the greatest flexibility just in case your plans change. If you ship out your vials, those vials can only be used by you and are not eligible for return, exchange, buy back, or transfer to another family.

Can I get a refund on vials that I shipped out?

No, once vials leave our facility we are unable to provide a refund, exchange, or buy back. For safety reasons, we cannot re-sell any donor specimens to another client once the specimens have left our facility. Option is only valid in the US for clients that have vials in storage at NW Cryobank.

Can I ship back unused vials?

Yes, if you miss your insemination or need long-term storage, you can ship back your vials to go into storage. You must contact us to notify us of your plan to return the vials. 

Once we receive the vials, they will be returned to liquid nitrogen storage. We can store your vials for 30 days for free. If vials are stored for longer than 30 days, your credit card on file will be charged for each additional month of storage. You may contact our office and arrange for annual storage if you would like to pay the yearly storage fee. When you are ready to ship out the vials again, you will need to pay for shipping at that time. Failure to pay storage fees may result in the destruction of specimens. In addition, vials that are lost during the return shipment are not eligible for exchanges or refunds.

Can I get a refund if my vials did not meet your guarantee guidelines?

You may be eligible for a replacement of vials if the total motile count (TMC) guarantee is not met. Each ICI vial contains a minimum of 10 million motile sperm (pre-wash). IUI vials contain a minimum of 7 million motile sperm. We currently do not provide TMC guarantees on our IVF vials or vials used for home insemination.

If you believe you are entitled to replacement, your physician or laboratory will need to complete our Specimen Report Form and return to NW Cryobank within 30 days of specimen thaw date. This Specimen Report form provides a detailed analysis of the results performed by qualified personnel. Our sperm count guarantees apply only to initial shipment of specimens, upon appropriate initial thaw, and prior to any additional handling or washing procedures. Each report is reviewed on a case-by-case basis and we will contact you to let you know if you are eligible for a vial replacement. Please note that replacements or refunds will not be offered if you have a positive hCG blood test.


It may seem early to start thinking about baby #2, but it’s important to plan ahead because our donors often sell out of vials. We encourage you to purchase extra vials for future siblings and keep the vials at our storage facility. Once your family is complete, you may be able to sell back any extra vials you still have in storage. Not all vials are eligible for buy back.

Buy Back Policy
  • Vials purchased will be refunded at 50% of the original purchase price paid by the original client, provided the donor is still listed on the website as a current donor.
  • Inventory handling/restocking fee will be deducted from client’s refund.
  • Vials must be purchased and stored at NW Cryobank. Vials that have left our facility will not be refunded.
  • Only the original purchaser can sell back vials.
  • Clients may only sell back vials within 0-36 months of the original purchase date.
  • Vials must meet our current testing standards.
  • Client account must not have an outstanding balance.
  • Option is only valid in the US for clients that have vials in storage at NW Cryobank.
*Terms and conditions are subject to change.


Vials can be exchanged for vials of a different donor if they have not left our storage facility.

Minimum Eligibility for the Vial Exchange Program:
  • An administrative fee of $150 will be charged per exchange request (not per vial).
  • Client is responsible for any additional vial costs resulting from the Vial Exchange.
  • Vials must have been purchased and stored at a NW Cryobank facility.
  • Vials are only eligible if the vials have not been shipped or picked up from a NW Cryobank facility.
  • Client must exchange the vials within 36 months of purchase date.
  • Vials must meet NW Cryobank’s current donor testing standards.
  • Any outstanding account balance must be paid before the Vial Exchange can be completed.
  • Option is only valid in the US for clients that have vials in storage at NW Cryobank.


Vials in storage can be transferred between couples or unrelated families. Please contact us at 800-786-5251 if you would like to initiate a vial transfer. Option is only valid in the US for clients that have vials in storage at NW Cryobank.

Family Transfers

Many of our LGBTQ+ couples take turns as the donor insemination recipient. They often want to use the same donor so their children are biologically related. When you have vials in storage, we can transfer them to your partner’s account. Both partners must complete a transfer request form and include photocopies of identification that includes their home address. Additional rules and fees may apply.

General Transfer of Ownership

If you want to transfer your stored vials to another person, we may be able to assist you. We can only transfer vials that have never left NW Cryobank. Some vials may be limited for certain reasons and not eligible for transfer to a person that does not have a reported pregnancy from that donor. Both parties must complete our transfer request form. The new owner will also be charged a General Transfer of Vial Ownership fee.


All vial purchases are final sale and subject to the Buyback and Transfer Fees outlined below.

Product Details Pricing
Transfer FeesGeneral transfer of vial ownership$400
Family transfer fee$50
Day of Shipment Change/Cancellation FeeChange/Cancellation on day of shipment,
prior to courier pickup
Buy Back Policy (Sperm)Applies to un-shipped vials purchased50% of original purchase price
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