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Donor Screening Form


This document will provide a personal history of yourself that will be used as a donor screening tool, will provide clients of the Cryobank with donor selection information and medical history, and may someday be provided to children produced through your donations should you participate as a commercial donor. While not every couple that uses a commercial donor to help produce their family will choose to disclose this information to the child, or children, all parents need to have accurate medical information, and normally desire to "know" the donor through the information you will provide in this history. If children are told that they were conceived through the use of a sperm donor, the information contained within this document may be very important to them for medical and psychological reasons. It is for these reasons that we ask you to answer each question as carefully and thoroughly as you are able. Please refer to other family members for information that you may not immediately know, as all medical information could be of vital importance.

Information such as your name and address will be omitted from the packet provided to the recipients unless specifically approved by you, so we encourage you to be as open as possible. Please note that pages containing personal sensitive information such as your sexual activity, counseling history, etc. are never provided to the recipient of your donations. Clients of the Cryobank sign an agreement not to seek, to meet, or try to contact donors. You are encouraged not to tell third parties of your participation if you wish to remain anonymous, as that party may release information without your consent or knowledge and is out of the control of the Cryobank.

Donating your sperm is a caring and generous act. Those couples that use donor sperm feel deep gratitude and respect for the gift you give so willingly. Naturally, most recipients and their children want to know as much as possible about the medical history of the man who made their family and lives possible. Thank you for letting them "get to know" you a little better.

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