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Recent Success Statistics

Statistics were determined from the last 1,175 reported pregnancies. Statistics do not include those who did not achieve pregnancy or those who did not report a pregnancy.

  • Age of females reporting pregnancy: 
  • Range: 21-51 years of age
  • 28 % were over the age of 35, including 104 between 40 and 47years of age.
  • The average age of clients reporting pregnancies is 31.9 years old.
  • Number of vials of sperm used / cycle: 
  • Range: 1 to 6 vials
  • The average number of vials used per cycle is 1.8
  • Number of cycles of Artificial Insemination to achieve pregnancy:
  • Range 1- 18 cycles.
  • The average  number of cycles used to achieve pregnancy is 2.6 
  • Time for pregnancy:
  • 582 or 39% of pregnancies were reported on the first cycle attempt