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“We found NW Cryobank to be the perfect choice for our needs. Since we wanted to inseminate at home, without a doctor’s involvement at all, we really appreciated that they did not require a doctor’s authorization before we could order. We also liked the fact that donor profiles are online so we could easily read through their information without needing to wait for a packet to be sent to us in the mail. We ended up ordering two vials of frozen sperm (prepared for IUI) each month for four months in a row, and each time the staff was very friendly, efficient, and supportive. One time, they even managed to put our order on a bus at the last minute in order to meet our timing needs. We are so thrilled that the fourth time worked out for us, and we are eagerly anticipating the arrival of our son in April of 2002. We couldn’t have done it without the wonderful services of NW Cryobank. Thanks everyone!”

– Casey

I wanted to write and let everyone know what a wonderful experience I have had dealing with this company. My partner and I did the artificial insemination at home and just found out that we are expecting twins in August. We have been ecstatic. Everyone at the cryobank has been helpful and kind. They were always available to answer questions and their service is extremely professional. Thanks to everyone there who have helped in making our dream of a family of our own come true.

– Dawn

“Glad to see that NW Cryo has been so successful. I recommend you every chance I get and I will be forever thankful for your service and affordability. Also, it is great that you will ship to a woman’s home and that she can do home insemination on her own or with the help of her partner without a Dr. consent! I loved the service and if I could do it all over again I would! Georgie is now 20 months and she was conceived with #055. We tried many different donors but it was #055 that I kept coming back to. She has been real joy and so fun. She completed our family and we have 3 boys and 1 girl! Thanks Sam and Marina for all of your wonderful help! I have to say that as time goes by, I see more and more of her daddy in her. Since she sleeps with us still she must be picking up his characteristics in her sleep. She is funny too. Just like her daddy, and I am so glad that there are men in the world willing to share their lives with children conceived by donors and thankful that their are men willing to be donors. I also have to brag a bit more. She is actually trying to read. She recognizes many letters and tries to sound them out at 20 months!”

– Alexandria

“As an unmarried thirty-something I decided to start a family on my own. As I researched several different cryobanks I came upon NW Cryobank. I went to their web site and found it very user friendly and full of information. The donor information provided was very detailed allowing my decision to be easier. I had more questions that needed answering so I called the clinic to speak with someone. The care and kindness I received there was incredible and I knew I would definitely choose them to assist me in creating my new family. They worked very closely with me as well as my physician in answering all questions and I knew I had made the right choice. Now I am the proud mother of a beautiful 19 month old daughter. And I have decided that if I am not married in a couple of years I will provide her with a sibling and definitely use NW Cryobank for this purpose. Thank you NW Cryobank for the best thing that could have happened to me, my daughter.”

– Kelin

“You do not have to stay in that dark place void of any hope of being a mother. Step into the sunshine! We had been so devastated. We attempted to reverse my husband’s vasectomy with no success. I even had problems of my own with poly cystic ovaries syndrome and did not ovulate regularly. It looked bleak at best. We began to research the idea of insemination by a sperm donor. We came to NW Cryo without a clue of how it all worked. The staff took us by the hand and answered every question, even the stupid ones. They guided us through all of paperwork and particulars without a problem. We found a good Dr. who gave me fertility meds. and ovulation sonograms. Between our Dr’s. care in preparing and performing I.U.I. and NW Cryo’s professionalism and sensitivity, we achieved pregnancy within three months of beginning! It was a pleasant experience all the way around. The I.U.I. procedure in the Dr’s. office was even a time of laughter and hope, not cold and impersonal whatsoever. We encourage you to find a good Dr. (do not settle), and choose a donor with traits you would want in your child or that represent your mate. Your heart and your instincts will lead you to the right donor. It is all possible. Do not be afraid of anything except giving up.”

— Suzi

“For years my husband and I talked about Artificial Insemination. We are were unable to have children together due to my husband having an inherited medical problem. We live in a small town and the closest medical facility that offered this procedure was two hours away. They required tons of testing and they did not offer home inseminations. Our work schedules didn’t allow us to just leave and do this procedure anytime we needed too. So we never pursued it. Besides we just didn’t like the thought of having to go to a sterile clinic in order for me to conceive. We thought of asking a relative to help us but that just wasn’t for us either. Adoption was so expensive. We couldn’t afford it. Then I found the Northwest Cryobank website. I couldn’t believe it! Here was a clinic that didn’t require involvement from a physician, and I could order specimens and have them sent to my home. I could relax and be comfortable at home. We could afford the specimens, the paperwork was a snap, and the staff when I called to talk with them were exceptionally friendly, informative and caring. They bend over backwards to help you. So after all these years my husband and I ordered the vials after testing for my surge for three months and guess what I got pregnant the first try! I can’t tell you how happy we are! I owe it all to to NW Cryobank. A special thank you to Angelique, who was always there at the clinic to talk too. The chat room is a special touch which helps so much with your questions. I can’t wait until we can add our beautiful baby’s picture to the rest of the beautiful baby pictures already there. Thank you NW you are our God send!!! I would like to end this with, if you have any doubts about using this clinic please don’t have any. What a wonderful experience!!!!!”

– Kelly