Why Us


NW Cryobank has over 30 years of experience assisting prospective parents with their reproductive needs in all 50 states and internationally.

Robust selection of sperm donors

NW Cryobank offers a robust catalog of high quality sperm donors. The Sperm donors at NW Cryobank are recruited from the Pacific Northwest region. Many attend local colleges, universities and technical schools. They are bright, honest, highly motivated individuals with a variety of backgrounds. Our diverse catalog will give you a number of options when choosing the donor that’s right for you.

Highly Qualified Staff

Our donor coordinators, professional laboratory staff, and genetic counselors conduct a rigorous screening process eliminating all but the top percentage of applicants, providing you with the highest quality donors to choose from.

Vial Storage and Buy Back Program

NW Cryobank collects a limited number of vials from each donor, and donors tend to sell out fast. We offer our clients with the option to purchase multiple vials of sperm now and store them for the future.  NW Cryobank will offer a partial refund on the cost of the purchased vials through our Vial Buy Back Program.

Safety & Security

At NW Cryobank, the secure and safe handling of our donor specimens and personal storage are extremely important to us.  We take every precaution to maintain the security of our staff and specimens, utilizing sophisticated video security systems and monitoring tools. Our internal and external security systems include and secured entrance system, and a 24-hour response service. The secure storage area is only accessible to a limited number of personnel required to maintain the tanks and monitor the nitrogen levels daily. Our state-of-the-art facility is FDA registered and CLIA licensed.